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Airport And Personal Chauffeur Service

Airport and Personal Chauffeur – Pick-up and Drop-off


I am looking forward to bringing you to the airport for your next vacation or
business trip. I am also available to bring you home after a long stressful flight, dealing with crowded planes and fatigue of the airport scene.


City of Winnipeg urban fares to the airport starting as low as $20.00 flat rate.

See examples of rural and urban flat fare rates:


St. Norbert $30.00St. Norbert $30.00
Oak Bluff $35.00Oak Bluff $35.00
St.Adolphe $45.00St.Adolphe $45.00
Niverville $55.00Niverville $55.00
Selkirk $65.00Selkirk $65.00
Morris $70.00Morris $70.00
Steinbach $75.00Steinbach $75.00
Portage la Prairie $85.00Portage la Prairie $85.00
Winkler $110.00Winkler $110.00
Brandon $200.00Brandon $200.00
Kenora $210.00Kenora $210.00


For more information and to request a specific quote, please call me at 204-801-4649.


Personal Chauffeur


I am available to transport you to and from special events, appointments, errands
or other special requests in a comfortable, safe and efficient manner. My main
focus is caring for each individual customer’s unique wants and needs. In this fast
paced world of ours, that seems to be increasingly cold and automated, we focus
on what the human element can provide. I encourage close and respectful
relationships with my customers.


Rate starting as low as $30.00 per hour

Airport and Personal Chauffeur Service